Jabhat al-Nusra allegiance with el-Qaeda Mesopotamia – Money flows from Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the hands of the extremist

August 11, 2013 2:16 pm216 comments

Reports confirm that the two organization are working closely together as one, aiding each other with money, arms, logistics and warriors. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of Al-Queda Mesopotamia, is orchestrating the joint wave of terror hitting both Iraq and Syria.

Claims by the United States that the most prominent  group battling  the Assad regime is an offshoot of the terrorist organisation have now become official. Al-Qaeda Iraq is the Mesopotamian branch of the largest Jihadic group in the world. it was founded in 2003 after the American campaign started in Iraq and gained a lot of power in the area and became a major player and a real pain the neck for American troops. at first it was led by Jordanian extremist  Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his partner Palestinian Sunni cleric Abu Anas al-Shami , bringing together both local Muslims from all around Iraq and from many countries in the middle east including Egypt , Syria , Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Yemen and Sudan. Their most effective weapon in fighting with American troops was suicide bombers and car bombs. Al-Qaeda in Iraq raised money through activities such as  ransom, car theft , and hijacking fuel trucks, that would bring them tens of millions of dollars. Many more funds were given to the organization by Saudi charity funds that are chained together to form a large network actively  raising money “For orphans and widows” all over the world including inside USA, UK and most European countries. One of the most important rings in the chain was Al Haramain Islamic Foundation which some of it’s members are now on trial in Riyadh. The funds raised by this network were the solid financial foundation on which El-Qaeda Iraq gained strength.

Ever since the beginning of the fighting in Syria El-Qaeda Iraq was involved as it was determined that this was the time to bring down the Assad regime and to expel the Alawites from all positions in the country. The main fear of El-Qaeda is that Iran will use Hezbollah to expend into Syria and represent the interests of the Iranian regime. The plan was to form an country that is based upon Islamic sharia laws. This is the main goal of El-Qaeda groups all around the world and it gains success through time as  most of the countries in which El-Qaeda members are thriving are becoming more and more religious and aligned with the Jihadic vision.

unlike El-Qaeda Iraq, Jabhat al-Nusra is rather new organization formed in 2012 and led by Abu Mohammad al-Golani. The background of most al- Nusra warriors is very close to the one of El-Qaeda Iraq, thus making it almost natural for two organizations to join forces. One major advantage for al-Nusra in becoming a part of El-Qaeda Iraq is the almost unlimited flow of funds from the well established financial infrastructure of El-Qaeda Iraq. Qatars prime minister is one of the first supporters of the rebels in Syria. Although he is not suspected to be a supported of El-Qaeda per-se the trail of money from his government to the rebels doesn’t end where it is officially supposed to end. Most of the rebel groups in Syria, Religious and partially secular are helping each other against a common enemy. The groups supported directly by Qatar government are not Jihadic nor extremist but they don’t have enough weapons and supplies. On the other hand Jabhat-al-Nusra now empowered by the neighbors from Iraq has a constant flow of all kinds of weapons coming directly from Iraq and from the Kurdish area on the border of Turkey and Iran. This leads to an exchange of money for guns and ammunition in a way that makes Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani one of the major financiers  of El-Qaeda.

Qatari intervention in Syria remind us its involvement in Libya, where it financed the radical Muslim groups of rebels . It was said that due to the amounts  of money flowing from Qatar to these rebels, associated with the Islamic brotherhood, the face of the new Libya is not the face the west was anticipating. Although the secular activists were  the ones to start the fire, it is the Islamic Jihad supporters who gained the rewords, as Qatar probably wanted.




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