Clashes in Egypt continues – Some Morsi supporters will turn back to terrorism

July 23, 2013 9:01 pm205 comments

Al-gamaa-al-islamiyya, The Islamic brotherhood, are starting to take immediate actions to restore some of the organizational structures, bringing the organization back into the business of terror.

While the Islamic brotherhood focused on other organizational aspects during the one year of the Morsi administration, It is now on the verge of re-becoming an outlawed terrorist organization fighting mainly against the government. While the clashes and riots take their toll on both sides, most of the people involved have nothing to do with the terror branch of the Islamic brotherhood. This helps them when describing the street violence as democratic protest against the unjust Scavenging of Morsi and his elected government.

The death toll keeps rising after it seemed that the riots are starting to fade, at least 11 protesters killed today in street fight between semi-armed Islamic activists who support Morsi and protesters who support the new temporary government. As more people die in the clashes it’s easier for the Islamic brotherhood to recruit young angry Islamic radicals that will form the basis for a new generation of street-level activists for the organization. The ones that will rise above the rest will be targeted to what is refereed to as “quality activities”, code name for terrorist acts of detonating government facilities, attacking army posts and bases, and many other types of attacks. It was also reported in this site that Islamic brotherhood activists are making operational plans of assassinating heads of the temporary administration as well as Army top commanders including General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, top commander of the Egyptian army.

Another indication for the re-structuring of the Al-gamaa-al-islamiyya is the strengthening of the bond between the Palestinian Hamas organization with the brotherhood.

Hundreds of Hamas radicals are on Egyptian soil operating with Morsi supporters. Some of them operated before in the Sinai Peninsula but most of them went into Egypt right after Morsi’s imprisonment through the underground tunnels of Rafah city, adjustment to the City of Gaza.  The Hamas radicals are well trained and have experience with explosives and guerrilla warfare.  Many of them possess anti-aircraft missiles smuggled from Libya after the revolution. If the Egyptian army will use its air force it will probably need to face these missiles, especially in the Eastern area Of Sinai Peninsula that is now hosting an all hands war of Hamas radicals, al Qaeda warriors from around the world, Local tribes that support the Al Qaeda and despise the Egyptian nation, Salafists Local police and of course the Egyptian army that have quadrupled its forces in the area during the three weeks planning on starting a major strike against all terror groups operating in the Area.


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