CIA bribes Karzai with millions of dollars

May 1, 2013 9:15 pm16 comments

You wouldn’t find this on CIA factbook about Afghanistan but it was reported by New-York-Times that the CIA has spent tens of millions of dollars on bribes directly to the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzaiץ As reported the money was brought to Karzai chamber in plastic bags and briefcases. This money was not the only money flowing to the office as Iran was bribing several Afghan Leaders as well throughout the same period of time. America has great interest in having Karzai on it’s side during it’s process of dis-engaging from the bloody land. It was also important in order for the Afghan government not to oppose or try to prevent the famous drone attack.

This method of bribing politicians , army personal, law enforcement officers, Judges and even heads of states is not new not to the CIA and certainly not to other intelligence agencies. Nevertheless, the amounts spent in this case are much higher than the usual rate. Karzai had understood correctly the situation in which the US government is in and made sure he gets the most out of it. As for political morals within the Islamic state it’s not the first time bribe is being paid to leaders. It was also a known fact to western and Russian agencies that high level clerks and politicians in this country are very easy listeners after they file some money stashes someone happened to drop. Sibghatullah Mujadidi as the leader of the Afghan National Liberation Front was receiving money from 3 different western administrations in a manner that could only be described as ransom money. While  Sibghatullah Mujadidi got paid in order to prevent certain terror acts from happening, Karzai got the money so he wouldn’t prevent attacks by others. Another entangled story revolving around bribe in Afghanistan is the story of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was the leader of the mujahideen until the new kids on the block, the Taliban took over most of Afghanistan using Saudi Arabian money and American money. After the communist regime fell down  Hekmatyar  was appointed to be prime minister and at that short period of time he was getting money from France and Egypt. But only months after he got his new job Taliban took over the rest of the country and Hekmatyar had to escape to Iran. During his time in Iran he was sponsored by both Iranian government and Russian Intelligence so he wouldn’t stop going against the US (He resented the US for what he considered the most valuable support the Taliban got from outside). But every good story is doomed to end bad and Hekmatyar  was kicked out of Iran due to his too controversial words against the US that didn’t server well the purposes of the Iranian leaders at that specific time. Hekmatyar is now staying in Afghanistan and has gained a lot of force during the last 8 years. He ties himself to Osama Bin Laden and wishes out in public to be his successor.

As a part of the last week’s Editorial  it was described how America is going through changes coming from the extreme edges of the democratic party supporters and from the Academy. These winds of change blew the secret papers out of the CIA office desk, magically landing inside the room of a well respected newsroom.


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