Canadian Security Service try to figure out the connection between a spy captured and Raed Jaser

April 15, 2013 2:00 pm28 comments

The spy traveling under fake Spanish identity carried sophisticated equipment for communication and surveillance.

CSIS, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, headquarters in Ottawa are usually a calm place as Canada is not considered a top location for terrorist nor spies. Nevertheless in the last two weeks one can spot the light in the rooms and corridors as analysts and investigators are trying to understand who is the mysterious spy that was captured almost by mistake in Montreal and his connections with El-Qaeda. The man is about 40 year old , his ethnicity is probably Asian mixed with Mediterranean. he speaks English perfectly with slight undetermined accent, French and probably other languages. The odd thing is that the spy, does not ties himself directly to the country that sent him and no country has yet to contact the Canadian security forces or foreign minister about his matter as opposed to past events of this kind.

The spy ,was captured with a fake Spanish passport under the name of Adrian Thaos. border inspection has no indication about the time he entered the country since he wasn’t using this passport. CSIS is trying to extract his face from the airport’s surveillance camera archives but it seems that the person who claim to be Adrian is not an amateur in the world of espionage and was probably trained to avoid being directly exposed to security cameras. As CIA-NEWS was informed he was arrested after trying to run away from a minor car accident. while searching his car the police officers found expensive camera with multiple professional lances, two laptops encrypted and locked and a small network device that is used for breaking into secured WiFi networks without leaving a trace.

While interrogating the person who did not spill any details or request legal aid, Canadian security services were able to track some of the location he went to by tracing his license plate number in archived security and traffic cameras around Canada. Our source in the CSIS informed us that one of the biggest conundrums in this story is Adrian Thaos activity around two locations were Raed Jaser was also spotted. No evidence of the two ever met but this sure does not seem like a coincidence to the CSIS. Raed Jaser was accused in the past of being connected to El-Qaeda terror but Canadian authorities has failed time after time to provide hard evidence. CSIS was able to trace two open WiFi networks that were used to establish a secure connection with a server in the Philippians that was used in the past by a web site connected to one of El-Qaeda branches in the far east.


Bomb alert in Belgium, closed Antwerp Central on this Friday. The suspected bag was found to be harmless but the reason for the tension of the local authorities is due to a joint effort of Canada, United Kingdom and Belgium to investigate attempts by El-Qaeda to commit terror acts in trains and railways in these countries. DOVO,  The Belgian bomb squad managed the dis assembly of the suspected bag using a robot and dogs. Around 6:45 pm DOVO finally shot the case and it was found to be not dangerous .






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